Online Marketing Outsourcing

Don't let this guy be in charge of your brand?

Don’t put this guy in charge of your marketing!

You know its important but just don’t know where to start or what to do.  You simply don’t have the technical knowledge, time, or staff to get it done.  However to grow your business today, you MUST be online.  Facebook has over 1.11 BILLION active users! Couple that with declining to dismal newspaper and magazine readership and commercial free radio and TV and clearly the time to market your business online is now!

Marketing First, Programming Second…That’s Important

We offer a complete online marketing services to businesses who are ready to leverage the marketing power of the internet. Our philosophy is market first and program second.  That’s important because there are a lot of programmers out there who will build flashy websites with all the bells and whistles that are a ineffective marketing flop… and they’ll charge you big bucks to do it, too. We start with solid marketing initiatives and then add the programming technology to support it.  Your online platform should be an like an employee that works for you 24/7, not a billboard facing the wrong way in a dimly part of town that your customers never see or use.

We Treat Your Business Like Its Our Business

Because we limit the number of clients we work with at one time, we are able to offer the hands on support you might get from an in-house marketing department (without the overhead costs!). If you already have branding and marketing in place, we can work with your existing structure and staff to take it seamlessly online.  We’ll even train your staff to maintain what we set up.

About Our Customers

Most of our clients have built thriving businesses and are ready to expand their reach and tap the power of social media, internet marketing, and online products and services. Simply, they want to get more customers and grow their businesses they just don’t have the time to figure it all out or pay full time staff. We help you sift through all the hype and understand your options. Taking the ‘geek speak’ out of the equation, we help our clients

  • Design and implement online marketing strategies
  • Build expert recognition and branding through social media and the internet
  • Develop online revenue models based on business goals and target market’s needs
  • Create information products that generate business income and referrals 24/7
  • Access the technical support necessary to create, develop and fulfill marketing initiatives

How to Work with Us

We take our partnerships with clients very seriously.  We have found that clients that meet at least 1 of the criteria below benefit most from working with us.

  1. Established business with an existing customer base
  2. Vision for the future – Know where they want to go, just need some support and strategies to get there.
  3. Growth Oriented – making a profit and looking to grow the business
  4. ‘Hot’ Market – have a well defined target market and that are looking for the solutions the company provides
  5. Support Staff – have at least one assistant that can be trained to support, assist and maintain simple daily online strategies

Are you ready?  Call Us and Let’s Get Started!  

Contact us today.  Let’s Get Started!

Not quite ready for full service? Visit our Business Branding page or Consulting page. We help new businesses establish an internet presence in the ‘Big 3’ online areas.

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