3 High Impact Ways to Start Marketing Your Business Online

Where Does Fear Hold You Back? A big issue that I see with business owners and internet marketing is F-E-A-R.  For so many who have been in local or brick and mortar businesses, marketing on the internet can be an intimidating process.  However, there is hope.  Small business owners are a brave … [Read more...]

Secret Weapons of Website Design – The About Page

Hail the Power of the 'About Page' Did you know the ‘About Us’ page is the second most viewed page on a website?  Test this against your own behavior.  When a Home page catches your interest, what's your first question?  If you're like most people, it's "Who are these guys anyway?"  Enter the … [Read more...]

Secret Weapons of Website Design – Layout and Reading Style

It's a Work of Art, But Who's Reading It? One of the biggest mistakes a new website owner makes is not understanding the way a human ‘reads’ a website. If you are writing in big chunks of beautiful prose, spending a lot of time getting everything 'just right', read on.  You are in for some eye … [Read more...]

Secret Weapons of Website Design – Site Integration

Make no mistake, lack of attention to site integration will bite you. Many web owners leave their customers to fumble through a site that is confusing and has no clear next step. Customers feel unsupported and abandoned.  In the biz, we call these people "widows and orphans".  This leads to missed … [Read more...]

Solo-preneuring™: Get Paid to Do What You Love to Do

Do You Look Forward to Going to Work Every Day? Do you enjoy your work so much that you can’t imagine doing anything else? If so, don’t read any further. But if you’ve noticed that Monday through Friday the clocks seem to run slower than they do on the weekends, read on to learn how you can get … [Read more...]

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